Big No-No’s in Investing!


Following A Well-Wisher’s Advice

Uncle Ramu’s endowment policy might not fulfil your financial requirements


Purchasing Only One Type Of Fund

Investing in only large cap funds or only penny stocks may lead to a complete loss!


Panic Selling During Market Crashes

One of the oldest mistakes in the book!


Missing Insurance Premium Payments

Failing to pay on time can lead to penalties or lapse of policy

Master Turtle Can Guide You To Financial Wellness!

It’s not rocket science. Correct asset allocation based on individual risk appetite is the path to financial wellness. Our bot Master Turtle does just that -

Our Research Is What Sets Us Apart!

Multidimensional Asset Allocation Model

Minimizes risk, maximizes returns!
Customized Portfolio From A Million Portfolios

Your unique profile requires a unique portfolio!
100+ Parameters Analysed To Rate Every Mutual Fund

We recommend only the best of the best!

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Invest In Mutual Funds, Cover Risk Through Insurance And Use SIPSURE To Manage Both!

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